BOSE 901 Equalizer connection for Audio Video Receiver (AVR)

This Page shows a  couple ways you can connect either your BOSE 901 Equalizer or a Deer Creek Audio EQ901 to your Audio Video Receiver (AVR)


This example is for the VSX-90, however the same principles apply to your AVR. Please see attached images.


A) EQ901B Set Up using Zone 2 Loop


1) Connect Zone 2 Pre Out to the EQ901 input.

2) Connect the EQ901 output to an unused analog input such as Analog (CD)*

3) Select the Zone 2 source as DVD, or whatever your input source is.

4) Select the Zone 1 source as Analog (CD)*


The EQ'd signal should now play thru the front speaker outputs in Stereo Mode Zone 1




   B) Alternatively, you can add a separate power amplifier and use the Zone 2 Pre Out to drive it.


Please call if you have any questions