Frequently Asked Questions


EQ901 Equalizer Series:


Q: Are the Deer Creek Audio EQ901 Series of replacement equalizers superior to the BOSE® OEM units?


A:  In general, the answer to that question is yes, the degree to which depends on several factors:

If  the original OEM Bose equalizer is in less than excellent shape with aging capacitors, sliders and connectors then the new EQ901B’s are vastly superior. When comparing the EQ901B to a mint condition OEM EQ the differences are more subtle.

In general because the EQ901 series is based on the high-performance Analog Devices Digital Signal processor the noise and distortion are lower and the dynamic range is greater leading to better audio performance.

In testing we strove to have the EQ901B’s be close to the factory EQ  response with enhancements in dynamic range and frequency range with lower noise and distortion.


Q: What should I do if I am having trouble with my EQ901 Equalizer?


A: Contact Deer Creek Audio, we are here to help! When you send an email, please include screenshots of the issues. 

Call us at: 720-726-9272

Q: When I purchase my EQ901B, what is included?


A: When the EQ901B arrives, it will include the EQ901B itself, along with a regulated power supply, and the equalization curves for Bose 901 of the series you selected, which are already on the EQ901B.


Q: Can I use my EQ901 for something other than my Bose 901 speakers?


A: The EQ901 is specifically designed for the Bose 901s, and although it is possible to use it with another set of speakers, it would cause excessive bass and treble.





Q:  Why is the miniDSP 2x4 HD superior to the 2x4?

A: The miniDSP 2x4 HD has many advantages over the standard 2x4:

USB audio streaming up to 192 kHz and also TOSLINK digital input.

Operates as a high-performance DAC or digital preamplifier.

Analog 2 Vrms inputs and 2 Vrms outputs (vs. 0.9 Vrms).

AKM AK4626A high fidelity DAC circuit.

Four remote controlled configuration and tone control modes


Q: What are some common issues and pointers that I need to know prior to using my SHD, SHD Studio, or DDRC - 24?


A: Check out the read me document. Also be sure to read the MiniDSP user guides.


Q: What should I do if I am having trouble with my MiniDSP?


A: Contact Deer Creek Audio, the MiniDSP Dev team, or the forum on the MiniDSP website, we are here to help! When you send an email, please include screenshots of the issues. 

Deer Creek Audio

MiniDSP Dev Team 

MiniDSP Forum


Q: Do I need to calibrate my UMIK-1?


A:  The UMIK-1 is calibrated at the factory, you simply download the calibration file from the MiniDSP website, using the 7 digit Serial Number found on the body of the microphone.

MiniDSP Website






Steel Speaker Stands:


Q: Will Deer Creek Audio build a custom variation of Steel Stands specifically for my speakers?


A: Yes.  The process begins with the creation of a proposal based on your speaker model dimensions and required desired features.

Once we have agreement on the specifications and price, your Steel Stands are set up on this site with a unique model number where you can order with a credit card or PayPal.

Before fabrication begins a set of drawings are generated based on the proposal, which you then approve and/or edit.  Fabrication time is generally between 20 to 60 business days dependent on our next batch production run.

Please see our Custom Steel Stands page.



Buying from Deer Creek Audio:


Q:  How can I purchase and receive your products overseas?


A:  The best value is often via the eBay Global Shipping Program,  simply add the item to your cart and you will see the full delivered price to your address including all taxes, duties and shipping.  eBay Global Shipping (GSP) items are first shipped to the eBay GSP in Erlanger Kentucky.  Then the GSP takes care of the rest.  This includes filling out customs forms, paying import fees, and providing international shipping to you.  The GSP also includes end-to-end international tracking so you can stay up to date throughout the process.  eBay assumes responsibility once the item reaches the GSP. If the item is lost or damaged during international transit, the program has you covered.







Please contact us with any questions you may have