Getting Started with your SHD / DDRC Dirac unit

Your SHD is a powerful high fidelity digital audio processor which combines: Dirac Live® 3.0 system/room correction solution + miniDSP's powerful DSP audio tuning Plug-in software + Volumio high performance network streaming.

The SHD can present challenges during the initial set up due to the interactions of the various system elements and operating systems. The SHD combines several software systems which all need to be loaded per the current user manuals . 

A few things to be aware of before you begin:

  • Before you start a Dirac Project verify you can run your system with the SHD in it’s basic mode as a preamp.

  • Your Mac or PC should be fully updated and as clean as possible

  • Old related miniDSP, Dirac software and USB drivers should be removed 

  • Loading the ASIO driver on PC’s is required

  • When operating Dirac all level control must occur in the Dirac application

  • If you perform updates be sure to update all: Dirac, SHD Plug-in, USB driver, and Volumio

  • When running a  Dirac project make sure your MAC or PC is fully connected to the UMIK-1


  • Deer Creek Audio and the miniDSP DevTeam are here to help with any issues. 

  • If you run into any roadblocks please feel free to call or email us and we will help

  • If you have questions or issues please include screenshots with your email

  • Deer Creek Audio prefers to use TeamViewer for live troubleshooting

Consulting services:

  • Deer Creek Audio also offers live consulting services to help you get up to speed fast:

    • System System crossover and delay settings

    • Multi Subwoofer integration

    • Dirac target curve and PEQ customization (overlay) assistance

    • General room tuning techniques, etc…

    • We use TeamViewer for live interactive system optimization

Please contact us with any questions you may have  -  -  720.726.9272