• Type HF Steel Stands for Harbeth C7-ES3


    This page is our Custom Steel Stand ordering page, only the most current custom design order is shown here.  Click to see our Custom Steel Stand history  

        • Steel Stands Type HF - MIG welded 14 gauge steel, 150 lbs capacity, black satin textured powder-coat finish, drilled with plugs for shot fill, open lower base front, threaded insets for spikes and hard rubber mounting pads.  

          • Top platform of 10.5” w x 11.75” d
          • Base square of 10.5” w x 14.0” d
          • Tilt of 0 °
          • Front height of 19”
          • 14 gauge 1x1" steel square top and base
          • Dual 14 gauge 1x3" steel risers
          • Open base front
          • Black satin textured powder-coat finish
          • Drilling plugs for shot fill
          • 1/4"-20 Threaded Inserts for spikes
          • Hard rubber mounting pads
        Ordering information:
        Price  $615.00 plus $80.00 US mainland shipping. 

        Design and fabrication process:
        Before fabrication we will complete drawings and specifications and have you approve and/or modify the design.  Contact us for customization and delivery details.

        Please see here for more information:  https://deercreekaudio.com/p/custom-stands