• Steel Stands Type KJ for Klipsch Forte pair


    This page is our Custom Steel Stand ordering page, only the most current custom design order is shown here, see here for product history  

    Deer Creek Audio Steel Stands Type KJ for Klipsch Forte’s (1968 w/o base) .  MIG welded 14 gauge steel, 500 lbs capacity, black satin textured powder-coat finish, limestone acrylic composite core, and felt mounting pads.  


    1)      Draft Specifications:

    a.      Top platform of 16.0” w x 12.0” d

    b.      Base square of 16.0” w x 14.0” d

    c.      Tilt of 2 °

    d.      Front height of 5”

    e.      Limestone acrylic composite core

    f.       14 gauge 1x1" steel square top and base

    g.      14 gauge 1x3" steel risers

    h.      Black satin textured powder-coat finish


    2) Design and fabrication process:

    Before fabrication begins, we will complete drawings and specifications and have you approve and/or modify the design.  Our next fabrication completion target is 8/28/19.

    For examples and more information please see: https://deercreekaudio.com/p/custom-stands