• EQ901USB-III/IV USB DAC and Replacement Equalizers for BOSE 901 Series III/IV


    The EQ901USB-III/IV is an upgrade replacement for existing BOSE 901 Series III/IV Equalizers.  It includes Series III/IV specific EQ curves, analog and digital audio inputs. The EQ901USB-III/IV is also a high performance digital pre-amplifier (DAC) intended to drive high quality power amplifiers or integrated amplifiers/receivers

    The EQ901USB-III/IV Overview

    USB and TOSLINK Streaming Digital to Analog Converter (DAC) with built in equalization curves for the 901 Series III/IV

    Precise 901 Series III/IV equalization performed digitally before the DAC in an Analog Devices 400 MHz SHARC DSP processor with 24 bit resolution

    Typical Connections

    Remote selectable inputs:

    1.    Analog

    2.    TOSLINK

    3.    USB

    Remote selectable tonal characteristics settings:

    1.    Normal mode

    2.    Warm mode

    3.    Bright mode

    4.    Rock mode

    Remote volume control with 0.5dB resolution and mute

    IR Remote Control Functions

    What’s Included:

    EQ901USB-III/IV equalizer for your BOSE 901 Series III/IV

    Four precision engineered tone adjustment equalization curves

    IR Remote Control

    USB Cable

    USB drive with Windows USB driver

    US Regulated power supply- see option for global supply