• EQ901PS-III/IV Equalizer & Active Subwoofer Crossover Upgrade for BOSE 901 III/IV


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    The EQ901PS-III/IV is a direct replacement for existing BOSE 901 ® Series III/IV equalizers for users with pre/power amplifiers or pre-in/pre-out ports who wish to add a powered subwoofer to their system. The EQ901PS-III/IV enhances your 901’s performance adding deep tight bass with improved overall musical articulation.  The EQ901PS III/IV installs in between your pre/power amplifiers, pre-in/pre-out ports of your receiver, or integrated amplifier while providing two additional subwoofer outputs.

    Features Summary:

    Precision Engineered BOSE 901 ® Series III/IV Equalization   
    Active subwoofer crossover with single or dual monaural sub outputs
    Calibrated to provide a natural sound with seamless subwoofer integration

    Switchable input levels to accommodate use with most preamplifiers, amplifiers, and integrated amplifiers
    Ultra low noise & proven reliability
    The EQ901PS-III/IV is based on the miniDSP 2x4 digital signal processor

    What’s Included:

    EQ901PS-III/IV Equalizer
    Precision frequency equalization optimized for BOSE 901 ® Series III/IV
    Precision active crossover for single or dual active subwoofers

    Regulated power supply

    User Guide

    System Bass & Tone Controls:

    Subwoofer level is fine tuned with your active subwoofer level and filter controls
    There are no external tone controls on the EQ901PS-III/IV, your audio/video preamplifier or amplifier tone controls are used to make fine tone adjustments
    The EQ901PS-III/IV includes a 48 dB/oct subsonic filter


    Distortion <1% THD at maximum input
    Dynamic range: un-weighted >98dB
    Analog Devices ADAU1701 digital signal processor (DSP) Engine
    Dimensions: 26h x 107w x 94d mm


    One year full replacement warranty
    30 day 100% satisfaction guarantee

    Installation guide and telephone support
    Deer Creek Audio is an authorized miniDSP dealer

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    EQ901PS-III/IV User Guide