• JBL L220 Walnut


    JBL L220 Walnut - An Exquisite Original -  Precisely Restored - Exhaustively Tested - Awesome Performance

    Condition: Overall Excellent - All Original*- Time capsule

    Sound:  Mint - Fully tested for accurate frequency response and oscillator swept with no rattles or buzzes.  These speakers have intense impact and dynamic range, while also being accurate and smooth for female vocalist, jazz and classical.  Simply amazing high efficiency speakers!

    Cabinets:  Excellent - This pair has especially beautiful fine walnut. No water stains,  scratched or smashed corners. Deep WATCO oil finish. A 2” veneer repair was performed on one lower corner, otherwise not noticeable.

    Grills & Logos:  Excellent - JBL OEM logo badges, grill frames, and mount posts. *New grill cloth.

    Speaker Drivers:  Excellent near Mint - All original, drivers have been fully test and impedance swept to insure perfection,  sound is pure, surrounds and cones are mint. *New foam and dust-cap on LE14A Woofers. Minor nick on aquaplas cone can be detected upon very close inspection, no audible impact.

    Diver Compliment:  Mint - All original tested as excellent.

    • JBL 076 Cats-eye compression super tweeter with original D8R076 ring radiator diaphragm. The D8R076 is uniquely for use in the 076 Cats-eye

    • Midrange LE5-9 with acoustic lens

    • Woofer LE14A with aquaplas cone  

    Crossover / Connectors:  Mint - OEM binding post. *Attenuators have been replaced with 50 watt cast units. *Electrolytic capacitors have been replaced with Solen metalized polypropylene ( one bypassed), all the original wax and cardboard capacitors have been individually tested for proper values and low ESR.  

    Testing:  Be assured you will be receiving quality tested speakers. Actual in room frequency response has been measure using the OmniMic V2 System.

    Actual measured frequency response plots which were taken from this pair of JBL L220’s , notice the close matching of the frequency response.

    Raw driver impedance response plots were taken using DATS V2 component test system. This insures the internal components are all operating perfectly.

    Overall:  Excellent near Mint -   A time capsule with only one owner (previous to us) who took great care of them.

    Shipping:  US Mainland Only $895 from Colorado.  International and overseas customers please inquire.

    *exceptions to original