• Mark Levinson CD Processor No. 39


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    Excellent cosmetic and good functional condition*. Single non-smoking owner. 100% factory original. This unit was stored, unused in Colorado for years. 

    Excellent (near mint) - No dings, cuts or scratches. There are a few minor scuffs than can only be seen upon close inspection with bright lighting,  not visible with normal photography

    Good - All functions operate properly.  Ultra low noise operation verified. * When we first received the unit the CD door was a bit slow to eject,  we were able to correct than by running the CD drawer calibration procedure (see below).  We have played over 40 discs and have observed one or two minor skips on two CDs.  This unit was stored, unused in Colorado for years. 

    All inputs and outputs have been tested in both balanced and single ended mode. The unit plays with excellent musicality and ultra low noise.

    Remote Control Not Included:
    The remote control is not included, it is available for separate sale.

    Transport stabilization screw will be installed.  Double boxed, double foam container.  FedEx insured.  $75 US Mainland shipping, please inquire for international rates

    * Drawer Calibration Procedure for - CD Processor No. 39:
    1. Turn off the power at the back of the 39.
    2. Press the drawer open button on the front of the 39 and keep it pressed while you turn on the power switch on the back of the 39.
    3. With the drawer open button still pressed, watch the front display on the 39 change as the 39 runs through its cold start procedure. When you see the word "calibrate" in the display, remove your finger from the drawer open button and let the 39 cycle through drawer openings and closings.