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Audio and Home Theater DSP Consulting Services

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Deer Creek Audio offers one-on-one Digital Signal Processing (DSP) consulting services to help maximize your audio experience. Our support team provides technical expertise on a range of products and services, including:

  • miniDSP® system setup

  • Dirac Live® setup

  • Multiple subwoofer setup and calibration

  • Multi-way active crossover setup

  • Home theater and speaker applications

Our support team is focused on rapid learning curve acceleration to answer your questions and troubleshoot problems. We use TeamViewer for live, interactive system optimization. Consulting rates are $95 an hour (one hour minimum).

Following is an example outline of activities that can be completed

either before or as part of the consulting session


After reviewing this list, we can determine where in the steps below to begin your session. This will ensure that when we begin the consulting session everything will be in place to achieve optimal results.


  • Be sure that you have all the proper cables to reach the miniDSP unit as well as the microphone measurement area and your laptop or PC, which should be located in the listening area.

  • Make sure you have properly loaded all the necessary software, including the USB driver for PCs, the miniDSP unit plug-in and Dirac Live. You'll need to have an account set up at both miniDSP and Dirac. 

  • Make sure you can use the miniDSP unit as a basic preamplifier and that you are getting good system performance.

  • Set up your subwoofer to main speaker crossovers or other crossovers as dictated by your system design.

  • Complete a measurement and listening evaluation of the basic setup before running Dirac.

  • Run a Dirac calibration and perform a complete Dirac project, concluding with loading the completed Dirac project file into the miniDSP unit.

  • Finish up with final overlay parametric equalizer adjustments for tuning to preference.

  • Download the free TeamViewer software (

  • Consulting rates are $95 an hour (one hour minimum).