miniDSP V2 Remote Control for SHD 2x4 HD DDRC and more


miniDSP IR Remote Control V2

for SHD, 2x4 HD, DDRC and more

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The IR Remote Control V2 is pre-programmed for use with miniDSP products, making it ready to use out of the box. It ships plug & play configured with the latest firmware, and works with your SHD, 2x4 HD, DDRC or other miniDSP product (see list below).


  • miniDSP 2x4HD

  • SHD Series

  • DDRC-24/nanoSHARC kit

  • DDRC88/DDRC22 series/(FW 2.23)

  • OpenDRC series (all series)

  • CDSP 8x12/CDSP 8x12DL

  • miniDSP 2x8/8x8/4x10HD/10x10HD

  • nanoDIGI 2x8/nanoDIGI 2x8 kit

  • miniSHARC kit (FW 2.23)

Note that the Play / Pause / Next / Previous buttons are only enabled for the SHD series.     


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