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      Steel Speaker Stands for ADS L710 speakers


      We are showing your ADS L710's to be 12.25" wide and 9.75" deep, here is what we propose: Steels Stands Type AK. MIG welded 14 gauge steel, 300 lbs capacity, black satin textured powder-coat finish, with anti-resonant limestone acrylic composite core.

      Draft Specifications:

      • Top platform of 12” w x 9.75” d
      • Base square of 12” w x 11.25” d
      • Tilt of 5 °
      • Front height of 8”
      • Limestone acrylic composite core
      • 14 gauge 1x1" steel square top and base
      • 14 gauge 1x3" steel risers

      Ordering information:

      They are set up as Steel Stand Type AK where you may order them with a credit card Google Pay or Apple Pay.  Price will be $595.00 + $45 US mainland shipping.


      Design and fabrication process:

      Before fabrication we will complete drawings and specifications and have you approve and/or modify the design.

      Our next fabrication completion and ship date is mid August for orders placed by 7/15/21.

      Custom Steel Stands Handcrafted to Fit Your Specific Speakers

      Deer Creek Audio offers custom variations on our standard line of steel speaker stands. We work together to create customized stands designed to fit the unique requirements of your specific speakers. Like all of our steel stands, they are designed and handcrafted in Colorado by master artisans, using high quality steel.




      • Heavy 14 gauge steel provides tremendous mass, strength and excellent acoustic characteristics

      • 300 lbs. capacity standard

      • Resonance is suppressed with a limestone acrylic composite core, resulting in a very solid, inert speaker base

      • High durability satin black textured powder coat, beautifully complements classic speaker designs


      Design and Fabrication Process


      The process begins with a personalized proposal based on your speaker model dimensions and desired features. Before fabrication begins, a set of drawings are generated based on the proposal, which you then approve and / or edit. Fabrication time is generally between 30 to 60 business days, depending on our next batch production run. 




      After the specifications and pricing in the proposal are approved, your custom steel stands will be posted on this page with a unique model number so you can place and pay for your order.

      See Our Custom Steel Stands Page