• SWD-24 Multi-Channel Sub-Woofer Driver


    The SWD-24 Multi-Channel Sub-Woofer Driver enables you to run up to four powered sub-woofers in your home theater systems.  Audio video receivers and integrated amplifiers with sub-woofer outputs can actively drive up to four sub-woofers in either stereo or mono mode.

    Each sub-woofer output has its own programmable crossover, room correction parametric equalization, and delay control.  The SWD-24 is shipped with an 80 Hz 48 dB/oct low pass crossover. equalization is set to flat, and the gain is set to 0 dB for no insertion loss.

    For those wishing to customize, the SWD-24 is shipped with a miniDSP plug-in application software license which allows the user to customize crossovers, room equalization and the matrix mixer as desired. PC or Apple computer not supplied.

    Typical SWD-24 System setup


    The SWD-24 is based on the miniDSP 2x4 and Advanced Plug-In software application. This provides for a high performance multi sub-woofer driver configuration. The miniDSP’s 2x4 internal matrix mixer, low pass crossover, and room correction filters are a natural fit for this application. The default setup is pre-configured with 80 Hz, 24 dB/oct low pass filters with the room correction equalizers set to flat. This will drive four sub-woofers as delivered with no programming. 

    SWD-24 Default Crossover Filter and Mixer Configuration

    The beginning user can experiment with many configurations saving them along the way, and always have the option to reload the original SWD-24 .xml for a clean restart.

    For advanced users, the SWD-24 is fully compatible with Room EQ Wizard allowing for measurement based room correction and accurate multi-sub frequency response.  Programmable delay setting and compressor limiter on each output channel are also included.

    Low Frequency Room Correction Using REW & UMIK-1 System

    Feature Summary:
    • Preconfigured to immediately drive four powered sub-woofers
    • Programmable high performance low pass filters
    • Flexible parametric room equalization filters
    • Time delay correction capability
    • Ultra low noise and distortion
    • Compatible with Room Equalization Wizard REW Software and UMIK-1 Measurement Microphone

    What's included:
    • miniDSP 2x4 loaded with SWD-24 software driver 
    • SWD-24 software driver configuration .xml file on thumb drive
    • miniDSP 2x4 Plug-In Software license code
    • Regulated 12V power supply USA
    • USB cable
    • RCA cable
    • User Guide
    • Links to miniDSP 2x4 and UMIK-1 user documentation
    • Links to free Room Equalization Wizard REW Software

    • Distortion <1% THD at maximum input
    • Dynamic range: un-weighted >98dB
    • Analog Devices ADAU1701 digital signal processor (DSP) Engine
    • Dimensions: 26h x 107w x 94d mm

    • One year full replacement warranty
    • 30 day 100% satisfaction guarantee
    • Installation guide and support
    • Deer Creek Audio is an authorized miniDSP dealer
    • Please inquire if you desire customization to the standard configuration