• Type J Steel Stands for JBL L100, L112, L166, L110, L96, 4319, 4310, 4311, 4312, 4410, Yamaha NS-1000M, Dahlquist DQM-9, Pioneer CS-88 A, Canton CT-800, ADS L810, L730, L620, AR-3a, KLH Five, Tannoy Malloreon & Advent Large - Pair

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    Deer Creek Audio Type J Steel Stands

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    Proudly handcrafted in Colorado, Deer Creek Audio Type J Steel Stands take the finest, classic speakers and elevate them to the next level. Deer Creek Audio Type J Steel Stands are designed to audibly and visually complement traditional style box speakers from the 1970s and later.  

    Solidly welded from heavy 14-gauge steel, the stands provide tremendous mass, strength and excellent acoustic characteristics. 250 lb capacity. Resonance is suppressed with a limestone acrylic composite core. The result is a very solid and inert speaker base. The stands are finished with a high durability, satin black textured powder coat that beautifully complements the classic speaker designs listed below.

    Model Fitments

    JBL L100 (Century and A) L112 L166

    Yamaha NS-1000M

    Dahlquist DQM-9

    Pioneer CS-88 A

    Canton CT-800

    JBL L110 L96 4319 4310 4311 4312 4410*

    ADS L810 L730 L620*


    KLH Five*

    Tannoy Malloreon*

    Advent Large*

    *Requires a 3/4" - 1" foam spacer (not included)


    Top Platform

    14” wide

    12.5” deep

    Bottom Footprint

    14” wide

    12.5” deep

    Front Height



    Mounting Pads

    Sixteen high density felt pads are provided, eight for the top square platform and eight for hardwood or tile floors. Carpeted floors do not require the felt pads as the one inch square steel tubing makes a good interface with the floor.


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