• miniDSP 2x4 HD High Performance DAC and DSP


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    The miniDSP 2x4 HD is a high fidelity / high performance digital to analog converter (DAC) and digital signal processor (DSP) with powerful audio processing functionality.  The 2x4 HD features USB and TOSLINK digital inputs, two analog inputs and four analog outputs. 

    What’s Included:
    miniDSP 2x4 HD digital signal processor
    miniDSP 2x4 HD application software plug-in license ( free $10 value)
    Regulated AC/DC power supply for: Europe, U.K., Australia and others, plug types: B, C, G, I
    Room EQ Wizard (REW), free room acoustics software and audio analysis software link

    USB DAC audio streaming up to 192 kHz and a TOSLINK digital inputs
    Programmable active crossover
    Programmable sub-woofer crossover
    Programmable parametric equalizer
    Room response correction equalizer (requires UMIK-1 microphone and REW software)
    Channel delay and level control
    400 MHz Analog Devices SHARC processor allows 96 kHz internal processing for true high-resolution audio capability

    The miniDSP 2x4 HP is supplied with one free application software plug-ins for easy programming.  One can configure the crossovers and / or filters real time from a PC or Mac environment.  Once the miniDSP is configured, the device can operate standalone and no longer requires a computer connection.  For information on available application software plug-ins check the miniDSP products 2x4 HD page

    USB DAC audio streaming up to 192 kHz
    TOSLINK digital input
    Four 2 Vrms analog outputs
    ADSP21489 400MHz Sharc DSP floating point engine
    24 bit ADC/DAC resolution
    XMOS Xcore200 for USB control and bidirectional audio streaming
    Plug & Play USB driver and real time software configuration using miniDSP apps (plug-ins)
    USB Audio Class 2 Bidirectional streaming with ASIO drivers, Driverless under MAC OSx
    Delay, Polarity and input/output level setting
    Nichicon Muse Audiophile capacitors
    IR Remote Control interface

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    miniDSP application support is available on the miniDSP applications page
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