• miniDSP SHD Studio Network Streaming Processor - Dirac Room Correction - Volumio Streaming + UMIK-1


    Same Business Day Shipping  - Includes UMIK-1

    The miniDSP SHD Studio is a “Streaming High Definition” digital audio processor which combines:

    • Dirac Live room correction solution

    • Volumio high performance network streaming 

    • miniDSP's powerful DSP processor and toolbox audio tuning capability

    Dirac Live calibration uses the popular UMIK-1 microphone and Dirac’s easy-to use calibration tool providing world class room tuning.

    Volumio gives you access to music files from many sources including USB drives, NAS (network area storage devices), Roon, TIDAL, Spotify, JRiver, internet radio and more.

    The SHD Studio’s  powerful but user-friendly DSP audio tuning software provides: ten-band parametric EQ per channel, crossovers up to 48 dB/octave, compressor/limiter, and a 2x4 matrix mixer. Allowing for powerful audio system tuning in applications ranging from integrating a single subwoofer to a two-way active speaker.

    Three digital inputs and USB Audio enable the SHD Studio to fit right into any modern audio system, while processed outputs are available as unbalanced and balanced digital.

    Hardware Features:

    • Processor: 32-bit floating-point 450 MHz Analog Devices SHARC DSP

    • Powered by Dirac Live® Digital Room Correction

    • Quad core ARM processor for network audio streaming - Preloaded with Volumio

    • Digital Inputs: Stereo USB Audio, AES-EBU, SPDIF and Optical

    • Digital Outputs: 4 x AES-EBU and SPDIF

    • White/Black OLED front panel controller

    *** UMIK-1 Calibrated Microphone Included ***


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